Senior accountant service


  • Quantity is calculated as (Price per hour).

We set criteria for financial indicators that allow managers to objectively assess the performance of the business

  • We monitor and analyse company performance and forecast possible scenarios
  • Participating in corporate board meetings, strategic and tactical planning, financial advice and risk anticipation
  • Participating in budgeting and regular monitoring of budgets
  • Advising on working capital and risk management, selecting sources of finance, controlling the allocation of funds
  • Assessing the return on development and investment projects
  • Coordinate the work of the accounting department, participate in the development and implementation of accounting forms and methods
  • Providing IT managers and individual departments with the financial and performance information they need from company databases
  • Representing the company in external financial institutions (banks, insurance, investment companies)
  • Calculating the profitability of the services or goods sold
  • We tailor the monitoring of data indicators to the responsibilities of staff members, reducing redundant information flow and making their work more efficient
  • Process analysis and identification of efficiency potential
  • Identifying the need for systems integration
  • Formulating tasks for programmers
  • Planning, coordinating and advising on the change process and budget
  • Internal auditing of accounting and correction of accounting weaknesses
  • Participation in the formulation of accounting policies and chart of accounts
  • Control of the register of primary transactions, verification of data entered by the accountant
  • Methodological support for staff in the company’s accounting departments
  • Accurate and complete communication of tax changes to accounting staff
  • Proactive reminder to managers of the need to approve the annual financial report and other documents close to the deadline, as required by the applicable legislation
  • Offering advanced accounting methods and automation solutions to manage the cost of running a company as it grows
  • Preparation of financial reports for management and interested bodies


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