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Tax optimisation

There are currently a lot of tax overpayments due to incompetent accounting. We workhard to make sure that companies pay their taxes CORRECTLY and do not overpay. We give advice within the law, because we know it very well.
Use your time productively! Focus on the result and we’ll help you make the most of your time financially.


Declaration of income

Whether you’ve been declaring for several years in a row or are doing it for the first time, we recommend you seek advice. We can help you recover overpaid tax, make sure you’re declaring your income correctly and avoid further problems in the future.
Income declarations are on the way. Don’t worry, get a cup of coffee ready and we’ll help you complete your return quickly and confidently when you call!



Choice of form of action

Are you planning to start your own business, or maybe you already have? No matter what kind of business you are in and no matter what form you use to legalise it. Sole proprietorship, business licence or maybe a small partnership? It’s never too early to get in touch for tax optimisation and correct filing. We can advise you on any questions you may have, help you to do your own bookkeeping, calculate the tax you owe, and tell you whether the right form of activity is chosen.



Checks by FNTT, SSDFV, VDi, UZT, etc.

We are present, even when it comes to reacting quickly, here and now. Help and advice and mediation during tax audits. We have many cases and a lot of work in this field, so we know how to assess the situation. We not only have the experience, but we have also received specific training, so we know what to present to the authorities and how to present it.


Anonymous consultations

I know from experience and understand that all questions about finances are very intimate and personal. I give advice anonymously, using confidential correspondence tools such as Telegram and Signal, and payments are available in cryptocurrency. I will help you solve your financial issues, know how to declare correctly, optimise your business and live a peaceful life.


Cross currency, poker, shares

Do you know how to declare your income properly? I provide full tax and financial advice for people involved in cryptocurrencies, poker and share trading. I do not just provide dry advice, but I am interested in the benefits of the advice I provide in order to maximise my clients’ savings. I also charge a success fee for the consultation, so I am definitely able to save clients’ money because I am interested.


Signing transactions

When preparing to carry out larger business transactions, it is a good idea to have a good understanding of the taxes imposed by the tax laws of the Republic of Lithuania. It can often be difficult and a bit confusing when first encountered, which is why we recommend that you seek advice from a tax perspective when structuring contracts for businesses.


Finance and analytics

In business, cash flow management and operational optimisation are key issues in this pandemic that we deal with every day. As businesses face today’s market transformations, it is not enough to have timely financial statements or accurate data – you need experts who see the big picture and can provide the answers you need from a single source. We invite you to apply and get profitable answers on time!


Chief Accountant Service

Often not widely known, these functions help the company grow faster. It is useful for companies with only a bookkeeper or accountant who performs the company’s primary accounting operations. We provide control of all primary accounting documents received and issued. We calculate taxes and prepare reports for the public authorities;


Financial management consultancy

Business planning, cost-cutting solutions, projects to optimise business processes, assistance in obtaining funding, analysis, organisation of the accounting department, etc. We can set up long-term cooperation agreements to address your company’s financial management issues. One-off projects are also possible.


Treasurer's services

I am a treasurer under the Political Campaign Finance Act. For the upcoming 2023 elections, I invite you to contact me if you are looking for this service. I have experience as a treasurer since 2004. I mediate between the High Electoral Commission (HEC) and the Parties. We will discuss sources of funding, justification of expenses and accounting.

Why choose us and what makes us different

We are professionals, senior accountants who have passed international exams, and we upgrade our qualifications every six months.
We demand the same from the team
– We are always looking for solutions to improve not only our work processes, but also our clients’.
– We are strong in Tax Advice for legal entities and individuals of all legal forms.
– We help our Clients formulate and participate in the formulation of accounting policies.
– If the Client needs, we shape and coordinate the activities, personnel and tasks of the Client’s accounting departments.
– We work with any accounting software and Customer Management System.
– We are looking for ways to digitise every possible process in the accounting system. We make the most of all possible modern technologies.

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Olga Piazenko
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