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In accordance with the Rules of Record Keeping approved by Order No 88 of 28 December 2001 of the Director General of the Lithuanian Archives Department under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, all legal persons and companies registered in accordance with the procedure laid down by law must keep their business documents in such a way that they are preserved and accessible for a specified period of time.
In order to ensure that documents are preserved, accessible and retrievable for the required period of time, a system of accounting for the closed files of the institution must be established, the accounting documents and the procedures for their creation must be defined, and the responsible departments or staff responsible for organising and carrying out the archive activities of the institution must be designated.
We prepare documents for archival storage in accordance with current legal requirements (one-off and recurring contracts);
Manage and mediate the transfer of documents of companies in liquidation or bankruptcy to municipal archives;
documents whose retention periods have expired will be selected for examination, prepared for destruction and disposed of;
develop a corporate documentation plan to ensure proper organisation and filing of documents, establish retention periods, assign staff responsibilities and facilitate retrieval;
provide advice on archiving and preservation of documents, and on the installation and maintenance of archives.
Archive management licence No 6866


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