Fiscal Agent

Foreign taxable persons registered as VAT payers in Lithuania, which:

  • Distribute goods and (or) services in Lithuania;
  • Have changed their distribution grounds to Lithuania (distance selling);
  • Purchases goods in Lithuania from other EU countries.

Taxable persons established in another EU country can register themselves as VAT payers in Lithuania, or through a fiscal agent.

Foreign persons established outside the EU have to register through an available subunit, if there is no such subunit – through a designated fiscal agent in Lithuania.

UAB “Verslo balansas” offers these fiscal agent services:

  • Registration of a foreign company as a tax payer in Lithuania;
  • Registration of a foreign company as a VAT payer in Lithuania;
  • Representing a foreign company in the State Tax Inspectorate;
  • Organizing the VAT overpayment refund.

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