Company finance management and consulting

Financial analysis is one of the most objective ways to properly evaluate the company’s information. Moreover, financial analysis helps to understand the processes and occurrences happening in the company better, but most importantly – take optimal management decisions.

One of the components of financial analysis is accounting. It represents every transaction, not only it registers proper facts but it also systemizes and concludes them. This is the beginning of the analysis.

UAB „Verslo balansas“ determines most important financial indexes and explains their meaning to the directors, while creating various financial reports. Furthermore, it helps predict possible probability of bankruptcy according to E. Altman “Z” equation. And it offers consultations on how to avoid the possible bankruptcy. With this service, we provide the calculations of financial indexes.

Additional consultations of companies’ financial management –  it is company’s activity planning, cost reduction decisions, optimizing of the activity processes, help receiving funding, analysis, organizing the accounting department etc.

In solving your company’s financial management problems we can create long-term cooperation contracts. However, we offer these services for one-time projects, too.

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