According to Record keeping rules, approved by the Lithuanian Archives Department under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania general manager under the law No 88, December 28th, 2001, all legal entities and enterprises, registered according to the law, have to handle the legal documents of their activity in a manner, so they can be preserved and accessible for a fixed period of time.

To ensure that the documents are preserved, accessible for a fixed period of time, an accounting system of the establishment’s completed cases has to be made, the accounting documents and their preparation order have to be set and certain structural units or employees have to be held accountable for the organization and execution of the archive’s activity in the institution.

UAB “Verslo balansas”:

  • Will prepare the documents for archiving according to legal requirements (short-term and long-term contracts are made);
  • Will organize and represent in the process of handing over the documents of liquidated or bankrupted companies to municipalities’ archives.
  • Will select the documents, which have an expired preservation date, for expertise, prepare them for destroying;
  • Will prepare a plan of company’s documentation to ensure the proper systemizing and allocation to certain cases, will determine the preservation periods, employee accountability, and will ease the document search process.
  • Will provide consultations regarding document archiving and preservation, preparation and maintenance.

Archive management license No 0040

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