After the enactment of LR LAW OF ACCOUNTING (November 6th, 2001, No. IX-574, Vilnius), allowing companies to provide accounting services, many entrepreneurs began to surrender the accountant positions in their companies and contract with companies, providing accounting services.  This allows them to save on expenses and be certain about the accountants’ qualification and made decisions.

We provide accounting services to large, medium and small enterprises, also agriculturists, persons carrying out individual activities and small associations.

Our goal is to guide our CLIENT and present accurate information about the activity of the company.

To discuss the financial state of the company every month or other time of convenience.

To show the flaws in the company’s activity, as well as help make the right decisions to eliminate them.

Our services

  • Consultations regarding accounting and financial management.
  • Required declaration, report making and presenting.
  • Annual finance repost set making.
  • Non-standard accounting and business problem solving.
  • According to your needs, we provide our services using your accounting programme in your workspace.
  • Representation of our clients.
  • Organizing of disordered bookkeeping.
  • Chief accountant hire.
  • Chief accountant inspection.

The data is entered into an accounting program “Rivile”. The data is protected in a separate hard disk and archived every day. According to the need we can pass on the archive to the client for a certain period of time and under an agreement. The UAB „Verslo balansas“ software is licensed. We have an option to work remotely.

We can gladly submit recommendations from our employers, auditors and clients of „Verslo balansas“.

UAB „Verslo balansas“ team entered the Lithuanian market to stay not for a few years but for a few decades, that is why it is so important for us to maintain a good name and to provide services of high quality.

Do you have a question? Would you like a consultation regarding accounting or finance?

MB „Verslo balansas“

Tel.: (+370 620) 16 2 14


Working hours: I - V 9.00 - 16.00